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Industrial Services

  • Service, repair and re-engineering of electrical panels and tires.
  • Measurement of grounding.
  • Verification and commissioning of equipment E+H.
  • Flow measurement of liquids with a laptop computer.
  • Energy analysis, measurement of harmonics, current, voltage,
    power (Carlo Gavazzi).
  • Installation of capacitor banks for power factor correction.
  • Audit of compressed air
  • Evaluation of efficiency in the processes of blow molding (EXAIR).
  • Service alignment laser, analysis, and remediation.
  • Sizing, installation, supply and programming of frequency inverters.
  • Contract of comprehensive maintenance.


  • Thermography service, analysis, and reporting.
  • Allows you to visualize the energy losses.
  • Detect missing insulation or defective insulation.
  • Locate air leaks.
  • Simplifies preventive maintenance, with a review through the camera, managing to avoid expensive downtimes and unexpected installation for the most part.


  • Calibration of temperature and pressure (ISO17025)
  • Hydraulic tests, profiles of temperature and humidity
  • Calibration of caudalimetros E+H
  • Calibration of Vacuometros digital and analog
  • Calibration of pressure Gauges both digital and analog
  • Calibration of Thermometers, digital and analog bi-metal


  • Maintenance of pumps
  • Maintenance of compressors
  • ASTAG (authorized technical Assistance Grundfos)


  • Training with and without cost to customers.
  • Training to the officials.
  • Training in pneumatics
  • Training in measurement systems and steam.
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